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Caring for a loved one presents a unique challenge, especially when the responsibility descends upon you suddenly. We are proud to call ourselves Extended Family because that is exactly what we intend on being for your family. The Colorado community has entrusted us with the well-being of their loved ones for over fifteen years and we take this very seriously. Our in-home care services in Denver are carried out by our wonderful team, who is dedicated to providing quality care and a safety net of support. We are committed to supporting and empowering seniors in remaining in their homes where they can maintain a healthy sense of independence and personal dignity. Together we approach each client as if they are a member of our own family.

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Brittney Blanchard – Owner of Extended Family Home Care

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Awarded the 2023 Best Home Care Agency of Mile High, we have proven to provide quality client care and are committed to being the #1 trusted home care provider in Denver.


Leaders in Dementia Care recognize a commitment to training staff in order to better care for those affected by Alzheimer’s disease. Extended Family Home Care has earned the distinction as a “Leader in Dementia Care” by the Alzheimer’s Association of Colorado.


Rated “Employer of Choice” by Home Care Pulse, we take great pride in being an industry leader for several years in caregiver satisfaction, training, and compensation with our in-home care services in Denver.

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6 Reasons to Choose Extended Family Home Care

We all share similar concerns about our aging loved ones.

We know there’s no place like home, a familiar place filled with the love of family and friends. Aging presents challenges for the entire family and we help them find solutions that bring peace of mind.

Home care offers cost savings.

Many times, an aging loved one is placed in a long-term care facility when they’re no longer able to manage one aspect of their care at home, such as meal preparation or bathing, simply due to lack of options.

By providing only the services people need at home, Extended Family Home Care can significantly reduce the cost of care and the burden for clients and taxpayers.

Home care maintains dignity.

While long-term care facilities aim to provide the best experience possible, many aspects of care in those facilities are undesired, like sharing personal spaces (bedroom, bathroom) and having many different caregivers assist with toileting and bathing.

Clients who receive home care have the privilege of establishing trusting relationships with consistent caregivers and are able to receive care in the privacy of their homes.

Home care soothes the soul.

Aging can come with a variety of challenges and obstacles, including losing loved ones as they age and pass away, losing the privilege to drive, and losing independence.

Home care allows people to hang on to the things that mean the most to them while still getting the assistance and care they need – the familiarity of home, the comfort of their own bed, and all of those memories left at the kitchen table throughout the years. This is what we strive for as a Denver home care agency.

Home care provides safety benefits.

Our aging population is at higher risk of falls due to being left alone often, reductions in vision, hearing, balance, and mobility. Unfamiliar surroundings can increase this risk; things like rugs or small steps may not be anticipated in advance.

By providing the assistance they need in an environment they know well, we can reduce the risk of surprises, falls, and debilitating and painful injuries.

Home care allows loved ones a choice.

Home care serves a critical role in the healthcare system by allowing clients more opportunities to make decisions about their care. It’s very difficult, in most cases, to move out of a facility once a person has moved in. So, choosing home care while it’s a viable option is a way to keep options open as long as possible.

Home care promotes nurturing relationships.

Sadly, many elderly people find that their relationships with loved ones change when they move out of their homes.

But clients who are able to receive care in their own home can welcome guests, invite family overnight, and have private conversations without interruption. They can receive phone calls and house calls whenever they choose with no limit on visiting hours.

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A Full Range of Family Home Care Services

We recognize each individual and every situation is unique. We offer a broad range of in-home senior care in Denver.

Companionship & Homemaker Services

Elderly home care services include care around the home and companionship to help create a better quality of life for our senior clients. These services allow our clients to maintain a high level of independence in their own homes while having assistance with shopping, meal preparation, housekeeping, and transportation.

24-Hour Home Care

We can provide from just a few hours of service a week to full-time in-home care. Our 24-hour care service includes a team of caregivers with a personalized care plan to suit the individual needs of each client. Around-the-clock care offers you and your family full-time peace of mind.

Personal Care Services

We want our clients to look and feel their best. Personal care services enhance their mental and physical well-being, helping them to feel positive about their appearance. We provide assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, and bathroom care.

Alzheimer's and Dementia Care

Our caregiving staff are experts in providing care to those that suffer from cognitive decline. We can ensure you or your loved one can remain safely at home in a familiar environment by creating a personalized and comprehensive care plan to support the unique needs of these diagnoses.

Respite Care

With the challenging and important responsibility of being the primary caregiver of a family member or friend, one needs to tend to one’s own physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. Respite care allows us to temporarily care for your family member when you are unable.

Short Term Recovery

Our short-term recovery services are an outstanding solution that allows adults to recover following surgery, an illness, or an accident. Our services can mean a shorter stay in a rehabilitation facility, and it’s proven that people rebound more quickly in the comfort of their own homes.

Meet Our Management Team


Brittney Blanchard

Owner/Chief Executive Officer

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Eric Miller

Director of Operations

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Megan Pffiefer

Business Development Manager

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Hannah Kresge

Human Resources Coordinator 

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Raylene Garcia

Office Manager


Leah Diaz

Care Manager

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Sarah Shorter

Care Coordinator

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sarah shorter
sarah shorter
I've been with Extended Family for about a year now. As a caregiver, forming deep connections with our clients and witnessing the profound impact of our services has reinforced my belief in the importance of our work. There really isn't anything that compares to being able to help someone the way we do. Balancing work and school has been eased by Leah, our scheduler, and the unwavering support of Brittney(owner). Anything I've ever needed, Leah and Brittney have been there for me. After a few months of being with Extended Family, they both came to me with an opportunity to grow and position myself with a larger responsibility. Their dedication to the well-being of clients and caregivers inspired my transition to becoming a Care Coordinator. It’s made me see just how hard Brittney and Leah work to make sure that all of our clients and caregivers are not just taken care of, but given every opportunity to thrive. As Extended Family grows, I want nothing more than to grow with them. Brittney has brought in new members of our management team to help better serve everyone we care for and to improve the support of our caregivers. It greatly inspires me to do my best every day and to constantly push myself to improve what I can for our clients and caregivers. Being a part of this community driven by a dedication to service and compassion emphasizes the heart of caregiving. Extended Family’s focus on both employee satisfaction and client well-being sets it apart. I urge anyone considering a job in homecare or looking to provide homecare services for a loved one to try us out. Let us prove that being a part of our community is an experience you won't regret.
Kaylynn Dixon-Ruiz (Paul Jr's Sexy Wifey)
Kaylynn Dixon-Ruiz (Paul Jr's Sexy Wifey)
Working for Extended Family has been a blessing! Brittney and Leah care about their employees beyond measure and always have my best interest at heart. I absolutely love my clients and will always go above and beyond for them! Thank you Extended Family for allowing me to serve you and our families each and every day♥️
Christina Geubelle-Leggett
Christina Geubelle-Leggett
Great place to work for and I have a lot of fun with my client he's super great we've got a lot of progress over the last year and is seeing more and he will be doing more and more because he has the will and we have the best PT and OT so there you go why would you pick anybody else!
Jamie Beebe
Jamie Beebe
Extended Family is hands down the best company I've ever worked for! They totally get that life can be hectic, especially when you're juggling work and school. The flexibility they offer with scheduling is a game-changer. And let's talk about the people - my bosses are absolute rockstars! They genuinely care about their employees and make us feel appreciated every single day. It's like working with family, you know? Plus, the clients I get to work with are incredible. It's such a gift to be able to make a difference in their lives. Extended Family, thank you for creating an amazing work environment where I feel valued and supported. I couldn't ask for a better company to be a part of!🌟👏
Megan Pfeiffer
Megan Pfeiffer
I’ve had the privilege of working with Extended Family Home Care, and it’s been an incredibly fulfilling experience. The company’s commitment to providing high-quality care is evident in every aspect of its operations. Extended Family Home Care truly prioritizes the well-being of both clients and employees. The comprehensive training programs ensure that caregivers are well-equipped to deliver exceptional care, and the emphasis on open communication fosters a positive and collaborative atmosphere. I’ve witnessed firsthand the positive impact our services have on the lives of clients, and it’s incredibly rewarding to be a part of a team that makes a difference in the community. If you’re considering joining Extended Family Home Care, or seeking reliable home care services, I highly recommend this organization. It’s a place where dedication, compassion, and a genuine passion for making a difference-come together. Grateful to be a part of the Extended Family Home Care team!!
Raylene Garcia
Raylene Garcia
Extended Family is one of the top home care agencies! Being in the industry for many years I’ve never met a more involved and caring owner! Brittney who was a former caregiver is a a true rock star! If you’re looking for a trusted home care agency for your loved ones you will be in great hands.
Stevie Wydra
Stevie Wydra
I first met the team at Extended Family when I was working as a Hospice nurse. They cared for one of my dearest patient, and did an incredible job. They were reliable, kind, and competent. I now own a concierge nursing company (Denver Concierge Nursing), and frequently need caregivers for my clients. Brittney and her team at Extended Family Home Care have provided the very best caregivers for my clients, helping to allow my clients to stay home in comfort and with safety. As a female entrepreneur, I also love that Extended Family is both female and locally owned. Brittney is an exceptional and ethical business owner, and happens to also be a Physician's Assistant! Her medical knowledge has allowed her to not only match clients with the best caregiver from a personality stand point, but also help to ensure the patient's medical needs are met. Special shoutout to the caregivers I work with regularly who go above and beyond every single day-- Selam, Nikki, Sarah, and Jasmine, you all are angels!! I highly recommend Extended Family to anyone needing a caregiver in the Denver Metro area!!
Latae Reanna
Latae Reanna
Extended family Home Health has been by far one of the best caregiving companies I have worked for. finding a work environment where you feel comfortable is key. When you are fairly compensated for your work, you feel valued. Not only am I pleased with Extended family so are the clients I hear nothing but constructive feedback It is heartwarming. It is hard to get people especially people you don’t know to care for a loved one but extended family has given these clients nothing but superb care which have made each of them open to meet and feel safe with new caregivers! It is a pleasure to work for such an organized company. They allow you to work a schedule that best fit your needs. They put you with clients and they keep you there which gives the opportunity to get to know & bond with the client as well as gives the client the opportunity to do the same, as well as feel comfortable. Because of their experiences changing life situations associated with getting older and being alone. They truly care about your family member and want the best for them!
Cori Preuss
Cori Preuss
I’ve worked for Extended family for over a year. My clients are the best and management is wonderful! They truly exemplify their name, extended family.
Ashley Escobar
Ashley Escobar
I have worked with many caregiving companies and Extended family is and will forever be my favorite agency to work with. Since working here I have been treated as part of a family and everyone is very optimistic which is very refreshing and lovely! They have us do multiple training courses in which I learn so much! I love getting to work with different families because it gives me a chance to give them the care they deserve! Overall I highly recommend Extended family to every family who requires a caregiver to care after their their loved ones!

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